10 things to do in Bhadreshwar Jain Temple Ahmedabad India

1. Visit the Ancient Jain Temple: The Bhadreshwar Jain Temple is one of the oldest Jain temples in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Built in the 16th century, the temple is dedicated to the 16th Tirthankara, Lord Shantinath. The temple is famous for its intricate carvings and sculptures, which depict stories from the Jain mythology. The temple is open to all, irrespective of caste or religion.

2. Explore the Ancient Architecture: The Bhadreshwar Jain Temple is an architectural marvel. It is made of marble and sandstone and the intricate carvings and sculptures are a sight to behold. The temple is adorned with intricate carvings of various gods and goddesses, and the walls are adorned with scenes from the Jain mythology.

3. Attend the Aarti Ceremony: The temple holds aarti ceremonies every day, which is a great opportunity to witness the chanting of mantras and the offering of prayers to the gods.

4. Take a Stroll around the Temple Complex: The Bhadreshwar Jain Temple complex is quite large and there are many things to explore. You can take a stroll around the complex and admire the beautiful architecture and sculptures.

5. Visit the Museum: The Bhadreshwar Jain Temple complex also has a museum, which houses a collection of ancient artifacts and sculptures. The museum is a great place to learn more about the temple and its history.

6. Shop at the Local Markets: The local markets in Bhadreshwar are a great place to shop for souvenirs and other items. You can find a variety of items ranging from jewelry to traditional clothing.

7. Try the Local Cuisine: The local cuisine in Bhadreshwar is a must-try. The food is mostly vegetarian, but there are some non-vegetarian dishes as well.

8. Attend a Cultural Festival: The Bhadreshwar Jain Temple complex also hosts a number of cultural festivals throughout the year. These festivals are a great opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of the region.

9. Go on a Guided Tour: There are many guided tours available in Bhadreshwar. You can choose from a variety of tours, such as historical tours, spiritual tours, and cultural tours.

10. Enjoy the Sunset: The Bhadreshwar Jain Temple complex is a great place to watch the sunset. The view is breathtaking and it is a great way to end your day in Bhadreshwar.